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NikoM-66 EOOD is a company that split off from the parent company in 2009 with the following objectives to:

  explore and design;

  create and

  commission innovative solutions for:

  belt conveyor rollers,

  back pulley

  driving pulley

  tension pulley

  alignment roller supports

  conveyor belt scrapers

  new labyrinth seals for bearing assemblies


All these are remarkable for their competitiveness, non-traditional solutions, and easy maintainability.


Received to-date:

  European Patent Certificate

  International Patent Application - PCT Application


NikoM-66 Ltd has received the following awards:

•Gold medal from the 2006y. Plovdiv International Fair

•Medal and Diploma from Bulgarian Industrial Association 2008y.

•First prize from Evrika Foundation /Awards for young inventor/ 2009y

•Medal and Diploma from Union of Inventors of Bulgaria

/New Rollers for rubber - conveyor belt - exhibition “ITI“ 2012y./



•HANNOVER MESSE 2009 y. - Germany

•"Midest France" 2013y.

•WIN Eurasia Istanbul 2014y.

•HANNOVER MESSE 2014 y. – Germany

Our company also trades nuts and bolts, belts, hoses, rubber products, shaft seals, bearings, spare parts for agricultural and other industrial equipment.